Farmworkers have been historically left out of moral and legal discussions, with their fates tied to Jim Crow-era policies. Yet, they are essential to our overall survival.

Our families and our traditions acknowledge this workforce as human beings worthy of dignity, respect, and protection regardless of immigration status. The commonwealth of Virginia must create legal protections to make sure this community receives fair treatment under the law.  Farmworkers suffer abuse, discrimination, and human rights violations right before our eyes. You can help us advocate for protections and get rid of racist laws!

Join us in Prayer!

Although the laws are still stacked against farmworkers, we know our faith calls us to both prayer and action. Share this Prayer service for Farmworkers with your faith community, and reach out to Sheila if you'd like to have a speaker on migrant and farm worker issues! Sign up below to keep informed as farm worker issues come up in the General Assembly and the regulations process!


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We are hosting a Migrant Ministry summit on September 30 to build connections and work toward a brighter tomorrow

Black Farmers & Labor Movements

"By the 1920s, black people owned about a million farms, which is actually 14 percent of all the farms in the country at that time, which reflected the population of black people. But in the decades that followed, that number has dropped drastically, from 14 percent to below 2 percent."

Child farmworkers

In October 2021, Lawyers for Good Government released a report about the lack of legal protections for child farmworkers.  Check it out HERE.


Farmworker Justice: Q & A

Who are farmworkers?

There are an estimated 2.5 million farmworkers laboring on our nation’s farms and ranches, cultivating and harvesting crops and raising and tending to livestock. More than 50,000 people are do this work in Virginia.

Farmworkers are all those who labor on farms.  They include immigrants and citizens, people with guest worker visas, people without documentation, and migrants who follow various crops.  


Farmworker Justice