100 Percent Voting Congregations

VICPP is equipping congregations to ensure that 100 percent of members vote in November. Faith communities commit to boosting registration, encouraging voting, and sharing educational resources. Congregations will receive a toolkit, resources for bulletins and websites, a “100 Percent Voting” banner for hanging outside, and possibly a financial incentive.

2023 Civic Engagement Training

Important Dates

Make sure you're registered and track your ballot


Join us in encouraging people to participate in the democratic process! We will be knocking on doors of people who have voted inconsistently in the past, since this election cycle has historically lower turnout. You can organize canvassing in your neighborhood or with your congregation (and we would be happy to help put together the ground work). Or you can join in with VICPP efforts in a few jurisdictions! Email Robert, our Civic Engagement Coordinator, for more information.

Election Protection

VICPP will be monitoring 100 precincts on election day to ensure that voters can cast their ballots, free from intimidation. Monitors must participate in a training program. More details will be coming soon!

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy is partnering with the Virginia Election Protection Coalition to assist voters in 2023! Virginia Election Protection Volunteers are the first line of defense against voter suppression during early voting and on election day. Volunteer to make an impact in your community. Monitors must participate in a training program, and you can sign up at this link: www.protectthevoteva.org/vicpp

Election Protection

VICPP activists and friends hand-write postcards to send to infrequent voters who are people of color. In 2023, we were able to mail out 10,000 postcards. Many thanks to those who participated in this awesome endeavor!

“Voting is a civic sacrament.” – Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

Faithful Citizens is a year-round civic engagement program that emphasizes the fullest participation of people of faith in the electoral process. More than our civic responsibility in a democracy, voting can ensure good governance. The ballot box is a critical avenue to support public servants who are committed to fairness, humanity and integrity. Faith does not compel us to resign from politics; the pursuit of social change by people of faith must include informed political action to be effective. The public square is a key place where people of faith can be authentic in demonstrating care for our families and communities by advancing just policies. Building a just society is a collective enterprise to which VICPP calls forward Faithful Citizens.

Voter Education

The Faithful Citizen program coordinates opportunities to educate people of faith about upcoming elections, essential voter information, candidates on the ballot, and VICPP priority issues. The program supports clergy leaders who seek to build a 100% voting congregation.

Voter Mobilization

The Faithful Citizen program galvanizes people of faith to organize or lead activities that promote civic engagement within their congregations and faith communities.

Voter Protection

The Faithful Citizen program provides people of faith strategies to counter voter suppression, misinformation and unfair polling conditions on election days to build a robust Get Out The Vote (GOTV) plan for your congregation.


Same Day Voter Registration flyer 2022

Virginia has a new same-day voter registration law this year that allows people to vote on election day. Spread the word in your community with this flyer!