Central Virginia Sanctuary Congregation Network

Joining the network and ways to participate

We are a network of congregations in the Central Virginia region that are providing support and solidarity to neighbors, friends, and family who fear being detained, deported or profiled. Our faith will not allow us to permit the criminalization and scapegoating of immigrants and people of color. In the face of hate and discrimination we are committed to showing love, compassion and hospitality. There are many ways to stand with people who are being targeted.

Some congregations are:

  • Hosting people who are at risk of deportation
  • Supporting congregations that are hosting
  • Accompanying people to ICE check-ins and legal hearings
  • Holding Defend Your Rights trainings
  • Setting up Rapid Response networks to show up when ICE raids take place
  • Pressing their cities and states to get ICE out of schools, jails and courts and end all policies that racially-profile and over-incarcerate people of color.

Please join us! Get more information on how you can get involved on our micro-site centralvasanctuary.com.