2024 is an important year for Virginia elections! We are asking congregations to commit to have 100% participation in the electoral process. Download the pledge HERE and make the commitment by clicking HERE. Share this with your congregational leadership, and send in your commitment (or submit online) when you can!

Interested in more information? Email Sheila (our Faith Organizer) or Robert (our Civic Engagement Coordinator) for more details!

What is the commitment? As a 100% voting congregation, you commit to:

  • Develop a plan to make sure eligible member is registered to vote (either manually or in partnership with VICPP).
  • Distribute information about ways to vote through congregational sources.
  • Promote the sacred privilege of voting.
  • Learn about your local candidates.
  • Participate in community-wide efforts to register voters and get people to the polls.
  • Engage those who are not eligible to vote to participate in civic life.

Ready to sign your faith community up? SIGN THE COMMITMENT HERE.

When you sign the pledge, you will receive:

  • A FREE 100% Voting banner to display outside your congregation.
  • A toolkit that includes preaching support, sample bulletin announcements, and information on registering people to vote.
  • An opportunity to run your membership list through the voter records to confirm how many are registered (and a financial incentive for doing so).
  • Membership in a Facebook group of other people organizing 100% voting faith communities.

Once you’ve made the commitment to be a One Hundred Percent Voting Congregation, you can find more help in THIS TOOLKIT

Want more resources on how to use data to encourage members become faithful citizens? Check out THIS INFORMATION on how VICPP can help match your membership lists with public voter files. And if you’d like to participate, DOWNLOAD THIS TEMPLATE for moving forward.