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  • The budget is a moral document. Therefore, Virginia’s budget ought to
    • Fund affordable housing.
    • Fund childcare and early childhood education.
    • Protect people who are incarcerated.
    • Target tax cuts at people who need it most.
  • Click here to read our Budget Fact Sheet

Economic Justice/Worker Justice

  • Protecting the Minimum Wage.
  • Paid Sick Days. Extend Paid Sick Days to key groups of essential workers.

Criminal Justice Reform

Health Equity

  • Unconscious (Implicit) Bias Training Licensing Criterion. Require unconscious (implicit) bias training become an eligibility criterion for all health care professionals licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine.
  • Creating a plan for a Perinatal Health Hub model around Virginia. This would address the gaps in access to health care for parents, especially in low-income communities.
  • Allowing licensed midwives to administer medication. This would expand coverage and improve access to treatment for common complications during childbirth.
  • Click here to read our Maternal Health Fact Sheet

Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing budget amendments. Virginia needs to address our housing unit shortage, strengthen tenants’ rights, and combat rising eviction rates.
    • Increase funding in the Virginia Housing Trust Fund (VHTF) to build new affordable units.
    • Increase funding for the Virginia Eviction Reduction Program (VERP) to provide short-term financial assistance and provide tenant resources to help curb evictions. Click here for more information on VERP.
    • Fund Down-Payment Assistance to help offset up-front costs in the housing market and increase homeownership statewide. Click here for information on DHCD’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program.
    • Click here to read our Affordable Housing Funding Fact Sheet
  • Advancing Tenant Protections by providing localities with stronger enforcement mechanisms to punish malicious landlord activity.
    • Expand the “pay-or-quit” period before evictions.
    • Require transparency for rent increases and uninhabitable living conditions.
    • Click here to read our most updated Tenants’ Rights Fact Sheet

Defending Past Gains – VICPP is prepared to defend, if necessary, previous issues, such as:

  • Minimum wage increase
  • In state tuition for Dreamers & undocumented students
  • Death penalty abolition
  • Wage theft reforms