The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP) works to make Virginia a more equitable place, with increased access to opportunities for all communities. As people of faith, we share the foundational values of loving our neighbors, caring for the vulnerable and uplifting the marginalized members of our communities.

Through outreach, public events, and the programmatic work of the Virginia Sanctuary Network we work to dismantle discrimination of religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and immigrants, in order to welcome them to Virginia.

As a public policy organization, VICPP works to pass legislation at the State Capitol in Richmond that align with our welcoming all work, and we also work to prevent the passage of bills that undermine that work.

In 2019, hundreds marched on the Capitol to support driver’s licenses for all Virginians.  In 2020, we won the fight!


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Driving Privileges

To be truly welcome means to be safe and free. Driver’s licenses would move Virginia new residents closer to that standard. Granting licenses to all Virginia residents would make the roads safer for all of us.

VICPP favors  all drivers being held to the same standard of knowledge and skill. Ineligibility for a driver’s license means that undocumented Virginians are not required to meet that standard.

In-State Tuition

Education is the backbone of a successful economy, family, and community. As Virginians, we know that an educated workforce benefits our Commonwealth in a multitude of ways; strengthening our communities, rewarding our economy, and supporting families. Unfortunately, we’re not allowing that same educational access to our friends, neighbors, and fellow congregants solely based on where they were born.

Through the leadership of the Virginia Intercollegiate Immigrant Alliance (VIIA), we’ve supported previous efforts to codify into Virginia’s legal code the ability for all Virginia residents to have the same access to in-state tuition for higher education.

Sanctuary Network

We are the Central Virginia Sanctuary Congregation Network, a network of congregations in the Central Virginia region that are providing support and solidarity to neighbors, friends, and family who fear being detained, deported or profiled. Our faith will not allow us to permit the criminalization and scapegoating of immigrants and people of color.