GREAT news at the General Assembly today

A bill requiring employers to provide pay stubs to workers passed!

HB 2664 passed! Sponsored by Delegate Lashrecse Aird, the bill requires employers to provide pay stubs for their employees. The House Commerce and Labor subcommittee passed a major win for working people! Many workers in Virginia are cheated out of their wages because they are not given a paystub or online accounting that shows how they are paid. This is a huge step to prevent wage theft. The bill is going to the full committee for a vote.


A bill to remove the “Jim Crow” exemptions from Minimum Wage law moved out of the subcommittee today and is headed to the full House committee.

Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price’s bill, HB 2473, to remove the Jim Crow exemptions from the Minimum Wage passed the House Commerce and Labor subcommittee. The vote rescinds the law that allows employers to pay less than minimum wage to “newsboys, shoeshine boys, ushers, doormen, concession attendants and theater cashiers” jobs which were historically relegated to African Americans. The bill has become a political football. Although many Republicans want to support the removal of this arcane and racist language, they fear that if the bill passes, the governor will amend it and use it as a vehicle to raise the minimum wage. For now, the bill is headed to the full House committee in the next few days.


Effort to Strip Virginia’s ‘Jim Crow-era’ pay rules stalls as Republicans worry it could force broader minimum wage vote

There’s bi-partisan support to remove Jim Crow language from Virginia’s code, with a catch

VICPP Board Member and attorney Paul Falabella testifies in support of the bill.

A bill to let workers take their claims to court with a Private Cause of Action, HB 2524, passed out of the sub-committee, with a 6-1 vote. This bipartisan effort of Del. Ronnie Campbell (R-24t)  and Delegate Krizek (D-44th) would allow victims of wage theft to hire lawyers. This means that workers who have wage claims (have not been paid) can take their claims to court and an attorney can represent them and get paid for it.

The VICPP team with Delegate Kathy Tran, the bill’s patron.

Delegate Tran’s bill to ensure that Virginia will never create a “registry” to track people by their religion – passed HB 2494